Moringa Essential Oil for the Beauty Skin

If you are a herbal health lover, you must include Moringa Essential Oil in your daily routine. The news of Moringa as a superfood has been recorded for centuries, both traditionally and in research records. Almost all parts of moringa can be used for medicine and food sources. Even this plant has also succeeded in saving malnutrition in the continents of Asia and Africa. Therefore, its oil products are also welcomed by the public.

The moringa plant can grow and include fast development in the tropics, even this can be found in subtropical areas. It is called a super plant, because of its ability to survive in hot dry areas. Popular products made from Moringa plant parts are Moringa leaf powder and Moringa seed oil. Both are well known for their medicinal and health-supporting properties.

Different in shape, these two products also have different benefits, although they come from the same plant. If you want to use a product made from moringa, then this review is important for you to give an idea of ​​which product is suitable for your needs.

Moringa Essential Oil VS Moringa Powder

Moringa plants with fresh leaves can be enjoyed just like spinach. It’s just that the shelf life when fresh is not very durable. Therefore, the method was chosen to make it a powder so that it can be stored for a long time.

Moringa leaf powder has become one of the popular supplements lately. This powder form makes it easy for the use of Moringa leaves for various preparations, both for food and for adding benefits to drugs. Moringa leaves contain essential minerals, protein, beta carotene compounds, micronutrients, and antioxidants.

Moringa leaf powder is produced from dried moringa leaves first and then crushed. The process starts with selecting fresh Moringa leaves that are of good quality and ready for harvest, then they are cleaned and dried naturally. The drying process should also not be arbitrary to lock in the important elements in it.

After drying, the Moringa leaves are pounded and ready to be packed. Packaging and seals hold the key to maintaining quality over a long time. Powdered moringa leaves contain nutrients that are more concentrated than fresh ones.

Meanwhile, we turn to other moringa products. Moringa oil is also popular for medicine and beauty. From the antioxidants in it, this oil is used to ward off free radicals, prevent bacterial growth, nourish, and treat skin softness. Long before the development of modern medicine, ancient Indian medical records explain that the use of this oil can treat several ailments. Also, people have used it as an ingredient in caring for their skin and hair. Documentation of this super oil can be found in the relics of the ancient civilizations of India and Egypt. Moringa is used for food processing, medicine, beauty such as skincare and make-up, and even embalming mummies.

Why do You Choose Its Essential Oil?

Products from the Moringa plant, both from the leaves and seeds, have benefits to support health. We can consume moringa powder to help exude beauty from within, while the oil is for maintaining external beauty. However, if you want to use it as a topical product and treat it from the outside, then Moringa Essential Oil is the answer.

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