Moringa Leaf Extract; How It Was Discovered

Never heard of moringa leaf extract as the main superfood? You must have been living in a cage for decades. Moringa has been the main health sources thousands of years ago. But, modern scientists had just found out the best features of its leaf extract, which leads to the mushrooming products containing this magic herb.

Modern Moringa Leaf Extract Discovery

The discovery of the moringa tree that contains lots of magical health benefits had been such a great phenomenon in the millennium. But, it wasn’t until 2008 when moringa was classified as ‘the plant of the year’ by the National Institute of Health. The institute claimed that this plant has more special impacts than any other natural medical herbal.

What scientists discovered is the ability of moringa for solving health problems that other herbal remedies cannot. This is why those scientists found this product as an excellent one. The occurrence had led to thousands of studies that focus on the benefits of moringa, whether it is from the seeds, leaves, and flowers.

The healing abilities of moringa are what scientists had summarized. They found out that moringa can reduce the disease outbreak while improving nutritional deficiencies. Even more, they learned that all parts of the moringa tree were beneficial, whether it is for health and cosmetics purposes.

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Millions of Benefits In Each Gram of Moringa

Nothing is more astonishing than finding millions of benefits in each gram of leaf extract. Among those benefits that people can get from each gram of the leaf extract include

  • Twice higher protein than in yogurt
  • Four times higher vitamin A than in a piece of carrot
  • Three times higher potassium than in a piece of banana
  • Four times higher calcium than the cow’s milk
  • Seven times higher vitamin C than an orange

Various Facts About Moringa Oleifera Oil

The rare combination of nutrients within moringa leaf can prevent diseases that relate to anti-inflammation. Lots of studies have proven that the extract compounds give protection to the heart and other body organs. The phytonutrients have high medicinal values, particularly for tumors, cancers, and many more.

Moringa leaf itself can be brewed like a tea, in which the leaves will release some chemical compounds. The use of the leaf is just like how ancient people made the most of green tea. However, modern civilizations use the dried leaves of moringa for creating powder containing nutritious extracts. That powder is now found easily on capsule supplements and food toppings.

Balancing Hormones

Everyone needs balanced hormones. This is particularly for post menopause women. The antioxidants within the extract can slow down the aging effects, in which it balances some hormones for older women during their postmenopausal period. There have been lots of studies about the case, and all of them summarized that the regular consumption of moringa extract supplement has increased the chance of the body to fight free radicals.

Moringa Leaf For Beautifying Skin

All in all, there is no doubt that moringa leaf extract has the best reputation among people worldwide, thanks to its major advantages that no other plant can own.

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