Moringa Leaves Powder Benefits in Fighting Diseases

Being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants making Moringa one of the most nutrient-dense plants in the world. No wonder that moringa is also considered as superfood since it has numerous benefits for health including in preventing you from many chronic diseases. There are some diseases that can be prevented by consuming moringa leaves powder consistently and here are some of them.

Chronic Diseases You Can Stay Away with Moringa Leaves Powder

  • Asthma

Consuming 3 grams per day can reduce asthma symptoms according to a study. The study involved 20 participants that consume moringa seed kernels for 3 weeks. The result of this study is that they get the lung function improved so the airway can get through easily without adverse effects.

Some studies have been also conducted to some animals using moringa seeds and they also get the airway inflammation and asthma symptoms reduced.

  • Heart Health

Your health is closely related with the level of LDL and HDL in your body. LDL or also called as bad cholesterol can be reduced by consuming moringa according to some studies with 80 participants. They are given 5 to 8 grams of moringa per day for 8 weeks and get their bad cholesterol lowered, yet the good cholesterol is increased.

With the low level of LDL, you can prevent a chronic disease like heart disease. According to some animal studies, moringa has shown its effectiveness in normalizing blood lipids and reducing triglycerides even if they are given high-fat diet. This benefit helps the blood vessels in their body from clogging and hardening.

With healthy blood vessels, you can be prevented from heart attacks and heart damage since the biggest cause of these diseases is clogging in the blood vessels. Although the animal studies haven’t been conducted to human, at least you can still get the benefits of increased good cholesterol level.

  • Anemia

A study conducted to rats show that moringa can supply the need of iron since it is a good source of it. Iron contained in moringa is even higher than the one in iron pills. Another study also conducted with 20 people with asthma as the participants and it showed that after consuming 3 grams of moringa seed kernels per day for three weeks they get their hemoglobin levels increased.

So, if your body experiences iron deficiency, you can consider consuming moringa since it is safer than iron pills. It is just unknown of how much moringa your body can take considering it is high in in it.

Precautions of Moringa Consumption

Although it seems like there are many studies conducted to show moringa benefits, most of them are done to animals and cells. Clinical studies done to human are very limited. Moreover, most of the studies were done in the past decade, which means recent studies are rare.

There is almost no side effects after consuming moringa even if you take a high dose. The only thing you may dislike is the bitter taste. When you add it too much in your recipe you will find it ruin the whole taste of your food. Pregnant women should avoid moringa since it can trigger abortions. In the past moringa were used to abort pregnancies, so avoiding moringa is best.

Make sure to talk to your doctor first before consuming moringa leaves powder because this plant is not approved for medical purposes.

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