Steps Preparing Moringa Leaves Powder for Drinking

The best and easiest way to consume moringa is by choosing the powder version. You can get it from stores or you can make the powder yourself. Moringa leaves powder are very versatile to use in several foods and drinks. Adding it to your daily menu will help you get more nutrition for your body. Especially if you grow your own moringa tree, it is much easier for you to stock moringa powder anytime.

How to Make Your Own Moringa Leaves Powder

Making your own moringa powder is much easier when you grow moringa tree at home. You can just pick some fresh, mature moringa leaves to turn them into powder. If your moringa tree has become very tall with many branches, you can simply cut the main trunk and take all the leaves in there.

Cut it about 1 meter high to keep the tree growing bushier. You don’t have to worry about killing the tree. All the branches can be tied into a pile and hang them all. Place them in a place out of sun to let them dry. Drying under the sun will decrease its nutrition content, so ensure you just let them air dry.

Get rid of any dirt from the leaves by spraying them with water before drying. Leave them hang for a few days, then move them all into bowls. Ensure the leaves are all crisp, which means they are dried properly. To make a smooth moringa powder, remove all the sticks or at least minimize the number.

When grinding the leaves in your blender or grinder, you can set the smoothness that you want. If you need to use the leaves for making moringa tea, then don’t make them too smooth. Small pieces of moringa leaves are best for tea. However, if you want smooth moringa powder to add in your smoothie or foods, then you can blend it well until it gets really smooth in powdery texture.

The final product can be stored in ziplocks or containers to use anytime that you want. Store moringa powder in a cool, dark area without any sunlight to keep the nutrition. Once you have moringa powder in stock, you can easily consume it by mixing it with some other ingredients.

How to Use Moringa Powder

Using moringa powder depends on what kind of food you want it to be consumed. If you want it to be a cup of tea, then you can simply mix a teaspoon of moringa leaves with a cup of boiled water. Add more taste to your tea by adding lemon or honey to make it more nutritious as well. Don’t drink too many cups of moringa tea since it might not be good for your body. Just a couple of cups a day is enough.

You can also make a cup of moringa tea by adding two tablespoons of moringa leaves powder, one teaspoon of honey and 12 oz. of hot water. This time you don’t need to steep anything, just mixing the powder and water and you will have a cup of miraculous drink.

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