Moringa Leaves Powder for Weight Loss – Is it Effective?

One of the most popular benefits of consuming moringa is that the leaves are said to be effective in losing some weight. While many people have realized Moringa’s amazing benefits for health due to its nutritional content and it has been even used since the ancient Indian medical system, is it true that moringa is helpful in aiding weight loss?

What Makes Moringa Leaves Powder Good at Aiding Weight Loss

Studies have been performed and they show that moringa is effective in helping weight loss. Consuming moringa leaves can help reducing fat formation and enhancing fat breakdown. However, since this research is done to animal, there isn’t any research performed to human, so it is still unknown whether or not the effect will be the same.

Some studies have been conducted to see the result of diet supplements containing moringa and other ingredients to obese people. In a study conducted for 8 weeks involving 41 obese people with the same exercise regime and diet while taking 900 mg of moringa supplement combined with curry and turmeric show that they can lost about 4.7 lg or 10.6 pounds.

Another research with 130 participants also show weight lost for 5.4 kg or 11.9 pounds after 16 weeks consuming moringa supplement. Moreover, they are also experiencing low LDL and higher HDL or good cholesterol.

However, since the diet supplement used in studies above doesn’t only contain moringa leaves, but also some other excellent ingredients, it is still unclear which ingredient helps them lose weight, whether it is moringa or some other herbs. So, it is better to take a multi-ingredient supplement to consume rather than just sticking to moringa powder only.

Some Types of Moringa Supplement

If you want to consume moringa as a supplement, there are some types you can choose from, one them is moringa powder. This is the most popular type of moringa supplement since moringa powder is easier to consume and more flexible to use in different recipes. Recommended intake of moringa powder ranges from 42 to 4 grams per day.

If you want to make the consumption much simpler, you can choose moringa capsule. This capsule has two different types, the one with leaf extract and the one with crushed leaf powder. The extraction version is better because the extraction process improves its nutrition absorption to your body. It is usually informed in the facts label of the supplement so you should check before buying.

Moringa is considered to be safe and low side effects. Some studies even show that although it is consumed 8 grams per day consistently for 28 days, it won’t give any adverse effect to your body. However, it is better to talk with healthcare practitioner because some people have different tolerance with certain ingredients compared with some others.

Taking moringa leaves powder supplement or just take it itself without involving any capsules is great for helping you lose some weight. Remember that weight loss should be done properly by combining some exercise and diet. So, depending on taking the supplement alone will not give you any good result.

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