Moringa Leaves Powder Smoothies Recipes

Moringa or also called as Drumstick free is known for its miraculous benefits especially coming from the leaves. Consuming moringa is even much easier when it is in powder form. Moringa leaves powder has been widely used in many drink recipes because it doesn’t really give a significant impact to the taste. Especially when you are on a diet, consuming moringa powder can help you lose some weight as well as doing some exercises.

To help you decide what kind of moringa drinks to enjoy today, here are some smoothies recipes to try to add in the healthy moringa powder to your daily menu.

Smoothies Recipes using Moringa Leaves Powder

  • Moringa with Dragon Fruit, Pineapple and Guava

Since moringa leaves have a tart taste, combining it with pineapple, guava and dragon fruit will add in more fresh and sweeter taste to your smoothie. You won’t find the tart taste anymore. Moreover, combining them all together will make your smoothie more nutritious and delicious.

This smoothie can be created by mixing one peeled and seed peeled guava, a half of red or dragon fruit, a half of peeled pineapple, 1 teaspoon of moringa powder and 50 ml of water. You don’t have to add too much water since dragon fruit and pineapple are already watery.

To make this smoothie is even richer in the taste and nutrition, add one ripe banana, 15 grams of pine nut, 10 grams of fresh mint leaves and 10 grams of Thai basil seed or chia seed as the final addition. This would be an amazing smoothie to brighten up your mood and health.

  • Moringa and Berries

While it is called as blueberry smoothies, you can add some other ingredients include 2 cups of chopped green kale or spinach, 1 tablespoon of chia seed and 1 lemon ring without the skin. For the berries you can use red berries, seedless grapes and gull blueberry all are in half a cup. You just need to add all of them to your blender and enjoy.

If you don’t really like grapes, substitute them with mango, grapefruit, pineapple or banana is good too since they also give variation to the taste and improve the nutrient content.

  • Moringa and Kiwi

This recipe is much simpler since it doesn’t use too many ingredients. You only need one tablespoon of moringa powder, 2 kiwi, 2 passion fruit and 250 ml of coconut water. Mix them all together in your blender and you can directly enjoy it’s refreshing, healthy smoothie.

How to Mix Moringa with Other Ingredients

You can actually make your own smoothie recipe using moringa powder and combine it with your favorite fruit. There is no rule in mixing moringa to make a healthy drink. Just use any fruit that you like as long as the taste well combined together and doesn’t leave any tartness in your tongue.

Not only for drinks, you can also use moringa leaves powder in baked goods to make brownies, bread or cake so you have a more nutritional dessert. There are just many ideas on how to add in moringa in your daily menu and you can get its benefits while still being able to eat your favorite foods and drinks.

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