How to Prepare Moringa Tea from the Fresh Leaves

Due to its richness in antioxidants, moringa is classified as superfood. Antioxidants play an important role in your body as it protects your immune system from the free radicals. Free radicals can slow down your immune system abilities, thus you are easier to be exposed to some diseases. Drinking a cup of moringa tea every morning is helpful in supplying your body with antioxidants and improving your immune system. There are some easy ways to make it from the fresh leaves.

How to Make Moringa Tea by Drying Fresh Leaves

  • Choose some mature of fresh moringa leaves, just 3 to 5 stalks are enough and let it air dry. Air dry is the best option since drying under the sun will decrease its nutrition content. It takes about a couple of days or even one for two weeks for the leaves to dry, but everything will worth the wait.
  • Make sure that all the fresh leaves are dried properly. You can check by the crisp textures of the leaves. If you want to make this drying process faster in just couple of hours, you can use a special food dehydrator.
  • The stalks of the leaves contain fiber, but some people don’t really like to include them in their tea. The decision is in your hands whether to use it or not.. Grind the dry leaves using a coffee grinder or a blender. You just have to turn them into small pieces, not powder. So, don’t grind the leaves too long.
  • Store the grinded leaves in a dry place like a glass jar or you can use a tea bag for a more efficient way.
  • Now you can add the tea just by pouring the dried leaves into hot water and add honey as the natural sweetener.

Consuming Moringa Right From the Fresh Leaves

Instead of drying, you can actually directly use the fresh moringa leaves to make a healthy tea. This can quicker and more time-saving compared to the cooked method.

  • Take about a half or a cup of moringa leaves and separate them with the stalks manually.
  • Pur in 3 cups of water in a deep pot and cook it on a stove.
  • Add in the fresh leaves and let them boiled in the water for about 5 minutes.
  • Let it cooled down before pouring the tea in a cup.
  • Now you can enjoy your fresh moringa by adding your favorite sweetener.

These different methods might have different taste of beverage when you enjoy them. You can just choose whatever method that you want. A simpler one or a quicker one. Drying the leaves indeed take much time, but once this process done you can actually easier in making a cup of healthy tea since you have the dried leaves stored in your kitchen.

The last method is best for those who need a quick cup of healthy tea in the morning, yet they don’t have any dried moringa leaves left. Both methods still provide you with the nutrition and benefits you are trying to gain from a cup of moringa tea.

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