4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Drink Moringa Tea

Moringa tea is among one of the miraculous natural drinks that can amazingly improve your health when consumed properly. Due to its great benefits, moringa leaf tea is even also called as “miracle tea”. The impressive benefits of moringa tea have even known for thousands of years. Here are some reasons why you should drink moringa leaf tea from now on.

Moringa Tea Health Benefits

  1. It is Nutritious

Almost all parts of moringa tea are good for health and that’s why they are all eaten and used in herbal medicines. However, the leaves of moringa tea are very nutritious. In just one cup of fresh, chopped moringa leaves there is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins contained. You can get around 2 grams of protein from just 21 grams of fresh moringa leaves.

However, there might be some differences in the nutrient content depending on what kind of moringa leaves you consume. The ones come in supplements or capsules usually don’t provide the same nutrient as the fresh ones.

  1. It is Rich in Antioxidants

More than just being nutritious with the vitamins and minerals, moringa tea is also rich in antioxidants, which work for fighting free radicals in your body. Free radicals that buildup in your body can cause some chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Moringa leaves are found to have some antioxidants consisting of Quercentin and Chlorogenic Acid. Quercentin helps your body lowering its blood pressure while Chlorogenic acid aids in moderating blood sugar after meals.

There is even a study that show that 7 grams of moringa powder consumed everyday consistently for three months will effectively increase the antioxidant levels in the blood.

  1. It Fights Bad Breath

Drinking moringa tea before going to bed everyday will help you wake up with more a more refreshed and energized feeling. More interestingly, it reduces the early bad breath in the morning. This tea is even effective for those experiencing chronic bad breath. You can try this out to see the result since drinking moringa tea is safe and no harm to worry.

  1. It detoxes Your Body Naturally

Drinking moringa can help your body detoxifying itself from the harmful properties. These properties can influence the effectiveness of the body system. By cleaning them out you can get your body system work more effectively resulting with the whole body functions properly.

Understanding the Benefits

Although moringa has been known for thousand years for its medicinal benefits, only a few of them are studied scientifically. To take the list there would be numerous health benefits that moringa can provide. However, not all of them are scientifically proven.

To take into consideration whether or not the benefits have been proven scientifically, it is true that moringa is nutritious and it is enough to include it in your daily consumption. Just considering about the nutrition will already lead you to the thinking that moringa is extremely excellent for your health. Just a cup of moringa tea every morning will bring a significant effect to your body.

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