Moringa Powder in The Eye of The World

Since the last ten years, the world views Moringa as the most useful tropical tree because of the content and benefits of all parts of the plant. In addition, Moringa is relatively easy to cultivate and disseminate, both sexually and asexually. It does not require a lot of nutrients and water, so it is very easy in the process of managing production on a large scale as well as on a household scale. Moringa powder also has many functions such as a source of nutritious food, a living pharmacy, herbs, natural cosmetics, nature and environmental conservation, conservation, carbon absorption, vegetable oil sources, renewable energy, improving water quality, animal feed needs and a source of natural fertilizers and pesticides.

Researchers in various countries seem to be competing to report the results of their research that strengthen Moringa as a magic plant. A research reported that Moringa leaf extract contains a low molecular weight protein which has antibacterial and antifungal activity, whereas in some other studies Moringa leaves dissolved in water can be used for antibiotics. The same study reported that moringa leaves contain 27% protein. As a source of protein, Moringa leaves contain balanced essential amino acids.

Moringa leaf flour has several hypotensive, anti-cancer, and antibacterial substances, including niacimicin, pterygospermin. In addition, Moringa leaves also have antioxidants, including sitosterol and glucopyranoside.

Moringa Essential Oil Your Daily Dietary Supplement

Moringa is well known and loved in various parts of the world, while its popularity spreads and encourages exciting research projects in the fields of agriculture, forestry, health, botany, the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as cosmetics. Churches and Charities, the Peace Corps, and other humanitarian organizations such as the Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO), Trees for Life – an organization based in Wichita, Kansas – are attracted to Moringa for obvious reasons. Church World Service (the U.S. National Council of Churches’ global service and witness ministry) recently hosted the first-ever international conference on the Moringa tree, as an indigenous resource, to fight hunger and malnutrition. The conference was attended by 27 countries, including 12 African countries, representatives from private industry, ministerial officials, researchers, secular and ecumenical non-governmental organizations were present among the participants.

The International Eye Foundation (based in Maryland, USA) promotes Moringa for the prevention of blindness in children (due to malnutrition) in poor countries. Indeed, Moringa is rich in vitamins, can save the vision of children who are prone to blindness due to vitamin A deficiency.

Newspapers and scientific journals in many countries are increasingly mentioning Moringa. Previously, this Moringa was not really known in the West, except for botanists. Today, Moringa is well known as a plant that can stop the desperate attitude of mothers from tropical countries, who use it to save their malnourished children. In addition, Moringa powder also appears as a cream made from natural ingredients to beautify and rejuvenate the skin.

Researchers from Austria to Australia, Nicaragua and India, conduct so much research on the nature and growth of Moringa. The National Science Foundation and the National Geographic Society, together with other organizations, have started to fund a collection of moringa powder to gather more information about their healthy ingredients.

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