Moringa Powder Organic to Improve Uric Acid

In Indonesian traditional medicine, one of the natural ingredients that has been widely used in society is the Moringa powder organic. Plant. The young moringa seeds and leaves are consumed as vegetables. But, the dried seeds are used as the ingredients of moringa powder. In addition, the roots and leaves are often used as a natural alternative that can reduce pain in joints. Utilization of moringa plants, especially leaves and roots, is often used as a natural alternative to rheumatic and gouty treatments. Some areas where the population uses the Moringa powder organic as a rheumatic treatment are Minahasa, South Sulawesi and Ujung Pandang.

Uric acid is the end product of purine metabolism in the human body that does not have a physiological function, which is considered a waste product that can cause inflammation when it exceeds normal limits (Wibowo, 2004). The normal limit of uric acid levels in human blood according to Wiryowidagdo (1966) in general for adult men ranges from 3.5-7.2 mg / dl and for women 2.6-6.0 mg / dl.

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In pathophysiological conditions, there can be an increase in uric acid levels in the blood beyond the normal limit, called hyperuricemia. According to Wibowo (2004) hyperuricemia can be caused by excessive levels of uric acid production, reduced uric acid excretion through the kidneys, or a combination of both. Hyperuricemia can cause uric acid crystal deposition in joints causing pain with red swelling symptoms, known as gout or arthritis gout.

Foods that trigger the formation of uric acid beyond normal levels can be classified as follows: first, foods that contain high purines (150-800 mg / 100 grams of food) include liver, kidney, brain, heart, shrimp, mussels, shellfish, sardines, extracts. meat (shredded, jerky), tape, alcohol. Second, foods that contain moderate purines (50-150 mg / 100 grams of food), namely beef, shellfish, dried beans, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, beans, mushrooms, cassava leaves, papaya leaves and kale.

Third, foods that contain lighter purines (0-50 mg / 100 grams of food) are cheese, milk and eggs. Hyperuricemia and gout generally affect men, and obese men have a higher tendency to develop the disease. The percentage of men suffering from hyperuricemia and gout is very high compared to women who just appear after menopause. This is due to the secretion of the hormone estrogen which helps the removal of uric acid through urine, while in men the hormone estrogen is not secreted, so uric acid tends to be higher.

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According to Raharjo and Tan (1979), the Moringa plant is thought to have active substances that can reduce rheumatism and gout. Among the active substances that are thought to be useful are alkaloids and flavonoids. These two compounds are thought to be effective in reducing pain due to rheumatism, and have anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic properties. Ganiswara (1995) added that the alkaloid content of the moringa plant that can reduce pain due to rheumatism is kolkisin. Colchicine has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties specific to gout with a rapid effect of 0.5 – 2 hours after an acute attack. Its working power is estimated based on the phagocytosis inhibition of leukocytes so that the cycle of inflammation is broken, and lysosome stabilization increases. In addition, kholkisin also has anti-mitotic power, inhibiting the process of cell division (mitosis).

In addition to colchicine, flavonoids are also thought to reduce joint pain due to rheumatism, with their physiological activity, namely inhibition of protein phosphorylation by protein kinases in neutrophils (part of leukocytes), which are activated by cAMP to stimulate metabolic activity. These active substances can all be found in moringa powder organic. Therefore, daily consumption of moringa can lead to improvement in the problem of uric acid.

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