Moringa Seed Powder to Cleanse Water And Renew Energy

One billion people throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America is thought to rely on a surface water source not healthy for their daily needs. Of the number It is estimated that about two million people died every year as a result of disease that originates from contaminated water. And the majority of these deaths occur among children less than five years of age. Moringa seed powder acts as a natural coagulant, able to purify cloudy water.

In fact, this Moringa seed powder can be used as the fastest and fastest method simply to clean dirty water. The powder binds solids in water and sinks it to the bottom. The process of water purification with this Moringa seed powder proved to eliminate more than 90% of bacteria contained in water, through the process of flocculation, sedimentation, and antibiosis.

Moringa seed powder has been used to purify drinking water, replace chemicals such as aluminum sulfate, which, apart from being expensive, are also harmful humans and the environment. Twenty liters of water can be purified by simply adding 2 grams of Moringa seed powder dissolved in one cup of water clean. The method is very simple, namely:

  • Dry Moringa Seeds and grind until smooth and take as much as 2 grams
  • Use of 20 liters of water.
  • Dissolve 2 grams of Moringa seed powder into one glass of clean water.
  • Pour into a container filled with cloudy water to be purified
  • Stir quickly for 2 minutes and slowly for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Do not use metal tools and leave it for an hour or until water really looks clear.
  • Filter the water with a clean cloth or remove the dirt that has settled in a way drained through a tube.
  • Boil water before drinking (Gassen Schmidt et al., 1995; Jahn et al, 1986 .; Kumar and Gopal, 1999 ;. Sutherland ,. 1989).

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Renewable Energy Sources

Moringa seeds contain about 30% -40% oil with high oleic acid concentration. Oil from Moringa seeds better than sunflower oil. Biodiesel made of Moringa seeds have better stability rather than oxidative derived biodiesel from sources other foodstuffs (Rashid et al., 2008).

Moringa seed oil is high in oleic acid, more than 70%, with acid saturated fat which comprises most of the remaining fatty acid profile. Methyl ester (biodiesel) obtained from this oil shows a high octane number around 67, one of the highest fuels found for biodiesel.

Moringa can produce 1,000 to 2,000 liters of biodiesel per year per ha. Production starts within one year and the seed meal is left with the oil press and the leaves are the best animal feed (Brockman, 2008).

Moringa seed oil, which is processed as biodiesel, has a better iodine number than ordinary diesel which indicates fuel stability. This oil has octane numbers indicating good ignition activity. Biodiesel from Moringa has recovery and higher oil quality than other crops allowing it to be produced at a lower cost with yield high quality glycerin by product.

Moringa seed oil is considered to be a more sustainable and sustainable source of biodiesel advantageous compared to jatropha oil. The reason is, Moringa seed powder can provide multiple benefits, namely as a source of high nutritious food and renewable fuel of good quality.

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