Simple Moringa Leaf Powder Recipes You Should Try

People may already know lots of essential benefits from putting moringa leaf powder into their daily drinks. However, some just know the basic recipe to put it into a cup and watering it with hot or cold water.

Of course, it is quite simple and easy to do and you can do it every day at ease, but you’ll gradually get bored after some weeks. It tastes the same when you just pouring water, no big differences. To make it looks different, you can practice these easy recipes at home.

Simple Moringa Latte with Three Ingredients

To make a healthier caffeine-free matcha, you can use moringa leaf powder to replace matcha. It is just not only healthy but also somewhat easy to make. You can practice 1 out of these 3 recipes that seem the easiest to apply at home.

  1. Put 1 tbs of moringa, you can add it with sweetener as you need. Put 1-2 tsp of hot water into it. Blend them completely using a matcha whisk while you heat the dairy-free milk you like the most. Transfer the entire mixture into your mug and top it with heated milk.
  2. Simply just put the powder, sweetener, and dairy-free milk into a blender. Blend them immediately as you want.
  3. Put the powder, sweetener, and dairy-free milk in a saucepan and put them in medium heat.

How To Process Moringa Powder Organic?

Other Easy Recipes

Making that caffeine-free latte recipe above may get you excited for a while, however, you’ll get bored after several days or weeks. Adding moringa leaf powder into your daily consumption is not about making it the main ingredient. You can make it as the additional ingredients to flavor the dish instead by following these tricks;

  1. Put the powder in warm water and mix it with little honey and lemon.
  2. Mix it into your delicious smoothies. It surely can be added to replace protein powder or adaptogens, a perfect way to add a nutritional punch to your delicious smoothies.
  3. Sprinkle it into your soups. It is compatible with any soups like hormone-balancing miso or bloat-busting asparagus.
  4. Pour and bake it into anything. It can be tossed any baked good and add the green color. Some recipes may suit it aesthetically better, like in muffins, chocolate brownies, or zucchini bread.
  5. Mix it into your favorite recipe of guacamole and make it green.
  6. Pour it into your salad. It will be perfect to add this antioxidant boost as your salad dressing.

How To Make Moringa Leaf Powder?

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