Cooking With Organic Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®. What Can You Make?

We can do a lot of stuff with moringa oil, especially when it is organic. It is not only beneficial for medical or beauty but also for cooking. Yes, you can mix the oil with your favorite recipe or simply make it as a tea. Well, let’s check this out to see what kind of cooking you can use your favorite organic moringa oil, to make your diet even healthier!

Recipe With Organic Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA®

There are at least 7 ways you can cook your oil. Here are some of those you can try at home:

1. Add it up with infused water. You can easily drop some of your oil into lemon and honey infused water, or fruit infused water. Works well with both warm or cold water.
2. If you want something more authentic, go for tea. Drop an adequate amount of moringa oil into your hot or warm water. Add up some of your favorite herbs ingredients for your tea, and simply done.
3. Mix your organic oil with a smoothie. Moringa oil will blend well with certain types of smoothies, such as tropical ones. It makes your smoothies taste better and smell better too!
4. Put some drops of the oil into your favorite soups. Conclusively, moringa oil is really good if sprinkled on any recipe in liquid forms, such as in previous examples we talk about. But, sprinkling it to soups? Well, it is a next-level soup!
5. Use it for baking. You can bake anything with moringa oil and it will turn out looking much better. To be noted, it will color up your food into a green color. Pretty!
6. Talking about green color, you might want to put a more greenish tone to your guacamole. Well, if you want to make it more eye-catching then you can just sprinkle some of your oil into the guacamole recipe, and boom! Pretty guacamole!
7. Turn it into salad dressing
One last easy way to serve food with moringa is to add it to salad and dress it up. It will green up your healthy food and nevertheless make it healthier too.

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Benefits Of Using Moringa For Cooking

Now let’s talk about the benefits of using moringa as recipe ingredients. Next to green it up, like what we talked about before, let’s find out the other benefits that come to cooking.

1. Moringa oil is more economical than standard cooking oil. Not only at a more reasonable price, but it is also filled with healthy fat and a lot of nutritions that is well compared to pricey oil, which gives you extra benefits!
2. Now as it is filled with healthy fat and protein, moringa can help you control cholesterol. Instead of using standard cooking oil that triggers bad cholesterol, you should consider using this organic oil.
3. It is believed to have a good amount of antioxidant and antidiabetic benefits.
4. High anti-inflammatory contents. As it contains a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it is good for daily digestion. Compounds such as tocopherols, ferulic acid, and zeatin help you control acne breakouts from inside your body.

And that is it! 7 recipes for organic moringa oil you can consume and the benefits of it!

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