Detoxification of Liver Using Moringa Leaf Extract

Moringa leaf extract has been used in Europe as a liver tonic and phytotherapy for centuries. Scientists have been developing this product to heal  a wide variety of liver and gallbladder conditions. This includes hepatitis and cirrhosis.

The liver is one of the organs that plays a very vital role in the human body. This organ which is often referred to as the liver is the largest organ in the body. This brown organ weighs about 1.5 kilograms. It is located in the upper right abdominal cavity, just below the right rib. This organ has two parts, namely the right and the left. The right lobe of the liver is the largest part and is five to six times larger than the left lobe.

To determine the condition of liver function, a test called a liver function test is needed. As the name implies, this liver function examination aims to determine the condition of the liver in depth and whether there is any potential for liver disease. There are several diseases that can cause problems with the liver, such as liver cancer, hepatitis, and cirrhosis of the liver.

This liver function test can be done by taking a blood sample to check for chemical compounds in the liver. This test will determine which compounds are in excess or low, causing problems. The following compounds are usually measured through a blood test.

A study carried out in Germany revealed interesting data on the use of Moringa Leaf Extract. It proved that moringa has the capability to neutralize toxins that cause liver damage. Moreover, moringa also contains substances that can handle the presence of potential hepatotoxic agents. A number of chemical compounds contained in the silymarin group in Moringa, have been shown to have a protective effect on liver cells.

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One of the main causes of liver disease is the large amount of toxins that enter the body with food. This causes the liver to become full of toxic deposits. Thus, detoxification of the body is needed to prevent these toxins from damaging the liver cells and interfering with their function.

The therapeutic effect of Moringa, not only improves liver damage due to toxins and metabolism, but also on treating liver diseases. Many studies have shown that Moringa is a good detoxification product. Moringa removes metals faster, reduces the negative effects of alcohol on the liver, and completely prevents ethanol from causing mitochondrial changes.

The reason why moringa can have such an impressive effect could be due to two mechanisms at the cellular level. The first is that it can change the cell membrane so that toxins cannot penetrate into the cell. The second is that it increases the speed of protein synthesis which stimulates cells to regenerate faster. Because toxins cannot penetrate the cell membrane, all liver cells remain healthy and can replace old or damaged cells with new, better ones. That is how cleaning toxins in the liver works.

Moringa not only acts as a supplement to provide a therapeutic effect in cases of liver damage, but also treats liver disease. Several clinical trials show that liver disorders caused by everything from cirrhosis to viral hepatitis can be treated. Hepatocytes found naturally in the body are stimulated by Moringa and encouraged to replace damaged cells and diseased tissue.

Cleansing toxins from the liver is necessary when damage from alcohol and other drugs prevents or reduces the liver’s ability to regenerate again. By detoxifying the body, the overall function of the body will improve. Moringa leaf extract provides detoxification as well as important nutrients for your liver.

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