How To Make Moringa Oil At Home To Reduce Inflammation And Cleanse Your Liver

Are you looking to learn how to make moringa seed oil or peanuts oil for your personal consumption at home? ou will also learn how to extract moringa oil manually. This will enable you to produce homemade moringa oil. 

How to Make Moringa Oil :

  1. Buy or harvest moringa pods that are brown, tough, crispy, and hollow. Don’t include the green pods unless you want to use them for cooking. Immature seeds will not yield oil.
  2. Remove the brown outer shell of the seed. You can either do this manually or you can use a mortar and pestle. Either way, the shell should easily come off
  3. Roast the seeds in a pan on medium heat till the inside turns slightly brown.
  4. The flimsy husk around the seed stays light, even when the inside of the seed is already dark and burnt, that’s why it’s best to cut the seed in half to see if it’s already golden brown.
  5. Heat some water and pour the moringa seeds into it. Bring to a boil until the oil rises to the top. Simmer for about 20 minutes more.
  6. Skim the oil off the top of the boiling water, and allow it to cool.
  7. To get rid of the water content in the oil, place the cooled oil into the refrigerator for an hour. The oil will coagulate and separate from the water.
  8. Skim the oil again from the top, and let it settle to room temperature before pouring it out into a container.

Since the world has been made aware of the benefits of powdered moringa leaves, its demand has catapulted, and so the pods have become scarcer.

But the benefits of moringa seed oil cannot be ignored, especially its role in reducing inflammation and cleansing the liver.

The liver is one of the largest and most crucial organs in the body; without it, we cannot live. It is involved with nutrient processing, storing nutrients, breaking down fats, regulation of blood clotting, and 500 other metabolic processes. It is also the body’s huge detoxifier.

It is common knowledge that alcohol, drugs, and extra pounds can damage the liver, but not many are aware that sugar is as damaging to the liver as all of the above.

moringa oil has been proven to help the liver stay healthy and function optimally. Regular consumption of moringa oil can reduce and prevent liver damage. It has even been known to help the liver repair itself from damage caused by hepatitis.

Moringa oil is also known to restore liver enzymes, combat free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and balance hormones to help the liver stay in shape. Chronic stress can lead to liver disease. Moringa oil’s anti-inflammatory properties help the liver function smoothly by regulating the body’s stress response hormones.

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