How to make Moringa Tea?

Have you known the benefits of Moringa tea for the body? Ayurvedic traditional medicine calls this plant by another name Moringa oleifera, which has healing properties for 300 types of diseases. That’s why Indian physicians have studied how to cultivate Moringa leaves for centuries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends moringa as a food source to meet the nutritional needs of children under five in poor countries. The results showed that the leaves, stems, and seeds of Moringa contain a number of beneficial compounds, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid.

A number of health benefits of moringa include preventing cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cholesterol. Moringa is also useful for treating menstrual pain and protecting the body from exposure to arsenic toxins.

Currently we can take the benefits of moringa by consuming its extract or capsule. Moringa can also be consumed as a vegetable. Then what if you want to cultivate moringa yourself? Here we show you how to process Moringa leaves for daily consumption and traditional medicine.

If you intend to process or cook fresh Moringa leaves, they should be consumed as soon as 4 hours after picking.

Moringa leaves easily undergo a fermentation process, seen from the leaves which quickly wilt and turn yellow. If you have this the nutritional content will decrease.

Fresh Moringa leaves can be cooked immediately or brewed into tea.

One of the most popular ways to prepare Moringa leaves is to brew them like tea. In order to get Moringa leaf tea, you need Moringa leaf powder or dried Moringa leaves.

Here we show how to process Moringa leaves into tea:

Moringa Tea Is A Good Drink To Make Body In Fit Condition

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Pick fresh and young Moringa leaves. Located near the shoot and light green.

Soak the Moringa leaves in clean water to clean the dirt.

After washing, dry the Moringa leaves. Place it on the tray, then place it in the open air. As much as possible do not put it in direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight can reduce the nutritional content.

When the moringa leaves are completely dry, mash or blend until they become a fine powder.

Save the powdered Moringa leaves in a special container and place them in a cool place. The purpose of such storage is to eliminate oxidative enzymes that make powdered moringa leaves unsustainable for long.

If you want to make tea, take 1 or 2 tablespoons of ground moringa leaves. After that, pour hot water. Add honey if you want a sweeter taste. Consume tea immediately after brewing.

This is how to process Moringa leaves into tea. For your information, research shows strong evidence that moringa can help cure cancer.

A 2015 study published in the journal PLoS One showed that moringa extracts, bark, and seeds were beneficial for increasing the number of apoptotic cancer cells in breast and colon cancer patients. These are cancer cells that are capable of self-destruction.

Another study conducted by Israeli researchers found that a combination of moringa tea and radiation therapy can significantly reduce the survival and metastasis of pancreatic cancer cells. This treatment is also effective at inhibiting tumor growth.

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