Moringa Tea And Its Process

Most of the Indonesian people are familiar with Moringa tea that has shocked the public because they are believed to be able to protect their homes from attacks by supernatural beings. But behind all that, this leaf, which is called Latin Moringa oleifera, is actually beneficial for the health of the body.

According to the Medical News Today report, Moringa leaves or the drumstick tree contain compounds that are antifungal, antiviral, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory. Plants that originate from India are often found in Africa, South America, and Asia, including Indonesia.

Moringa leaves are a high source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Moringa leaves contain vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6, and vitamin C.

Moringa leaves also have other important ingredients such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and are low in calories. All these compounds are very necessary for body health.

Moringa leaves also provide benefits for skin beauty. These leaves contain protein and vitamin C which can protect skin cells from damage. In fact, Moringa leaves can also maintain hair health and strength. To be used as skin and hair care, you can make Moringa leaves as a mask.

Then, what are the benefits of Moringa leaves as a whole? But before picking its properties, you need to know how to process Moringa leaves first as follows.

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Consuming raw Moringa leaves

You can eat raw moringa leaves like fresh vegetables. However, you should not eat moringa leaves if it is longer than four hours after being picked from the tree.

These leaves easily undergo the fermentation process, seen from the quickly wilted and yellowed leaves. When the keluor leaves turn yellow, the nutritional content will decrease.

Benefits of Moringa Leaves.

The way to process Moringa leaves, which is often done by ancient people, is to brew it like tea. To be able to get Moringa leaf tea, you have to prepare dried Moringa leaf powder.

Here’s how to process Moringa leaves into tea:

– Pick fresh and young Moringa leaves. Located near the shoot and light green.

– Soak the Moringa leaves in clean water to clean the dirt.

– Dry the Moringa leaves after washing. To do this, place the Moringa leaves on a tray, then store them in the open air. It’s best not to put the Moringa leaves in direct sunlight because it can reduce their nutritional content.

– When the moringa leaves are dry, mash or blend until they become a fine powder.

– Save the powdered Moringa leaves in a special container. Then it must be placed in a cool place to remove oxidative enzymes that make the powdered moringa leaves not store for long. Moringa leaves can last a long time even without preservatives.

– When you want to make tea, take 1 or 2 tablespoons of powdered Moringa leaves, then pour it with hot water. You can add honey if you want a sweeter taste. Consumption of moringa tea in warm conditions.

Moringa Essential Oil Your Daily Dietary Supplement

Processing Moringa Leaves Into Vegetables Soup

Apart from consuming them raw and making tea, you can also process Moringa leaves into vegetable soup. The method is quite easy. Not inferior to spinach, moringa leaves also provide a variety of benefits for health and beauty.

You need to prepare a bowl of fresh young Moringa leaves, sweet corn, add slices of oyong and carrots, prepare one tomato and basil leaves. For the marinade, you can mix four finely sliced ​​shallots, one centimeter of lock, and add sugar and salt to taste. It is very nice to eat the soup with moringa tea.

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