Moringa Leaf Extract and Its Health Benefits for Skin Care

Moringa Leaf Extract may be familiar to Indonesian people. This plant is often used as several food menus. The health benefits of Moringa leaves are unquestionable.

Moringa leaves are suitable to be used as herbal medicinal ingredients, given their abundant nutritional content. Contents such as iron, protein, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C which are owned by Moringa leaves are considered to be more than some vegetables and other types of food.

A study also suggests that Moringa leaves contain various types of amino acids which are very useful for the body. In addition to health, Moringa leaves can also be used for beauty. The benefits of Moringa leaves for beauty are because in the Moringa leaves there are various antioxidants and anti-biotics that will remove dead skin cells.

Organic Moringa Oil For Massage

Coupled with the various vitamins previously mentioned. We have summarized some of the benefits of Moringa leaves for beauty:

The first benefit of Moringa leaves for beauty is their antioxidant content. The antioxidants present in Moringa leaves will help to keep the skin from being dull and not attacked by bacteria. Especially if you are a person who travels a lot so you are exposed to vehicle fumes, dust and other fumes. That way the skin will avoid acne and even skin cancer.

To get the benefits, you can process Moringa leaves into cream. To do this, take fresh Moringa leaves, then mash and make a cream. You can also add it with honey.

Use this cream as a mask and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. When the time is over, rinse it off with warm water. To get optimal results, use this mask every day before going to bed.

The second benefit of Moringa leaves for beauty is that it can treat acne. The benefits of dealing with acne do not seem to be in doubt. The vitamins and proteases present in Moringa Leaf Extract are proven to treat acne.

Some Benefits Of Moringa Leaves Powder For Face

The third benefit of Moringa leaves for beauty is to treat oily skin. Oily skin can be treated with the intake of vitamins A, E, and C. All these vitamins are readily available in Moringa leaves.

You can use it as a face mask to feel its properties. You can also add avocado to increase the vitamin E content in the mask.

To get the benefits, it is enough to crush the fresh Moringa Leaf Extract until they are completely smooth. Add honey or dragon fruit to make a face mask. Then leave it for 30 minutes. Use this mask for 2 days every 30 days, it will get acne-free facial skin.

The fourth benefit of Moringa leaves for beauty is that it can get rid of black spots. A person with acne prone skin will usually experience this condition.

Even though it looks annoying, you can still handle it with Moringa leaves. Use Moringa leaves as a mask. For the level of use, you can use as much as you can put on the face.

You can add honey or curcuma to get maximum results and it is also easier to stick to the face.

The benefits of Moringa leaves for the next beauty are to prevent wrinkles and also premature aging. The wrinkles on the face will definitely appear with age. However, there are also some people who experience wrinkles faster. This is due to pollution, unhealthy food, smoking, irritability, and others.

For those who want to get rid of wrinkles on the face, try consuming Moringa Leaf Extract or you can also try consuming Moringa leaf capsules. It aims to increase dopamine and sorortonin levels. If you use it for 40 days, then Moringa Leaf Extract are also useful for preventing premature aging.

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