The Nutrition in Moringa Essential Oil

There are many natural ingredients that are believed to be beneficial for skin and beauty, such as matcha and turmeric. The natural ingredient which is also used for the skin is Moringa Essential Oil.

These simple plant oils and extracts have actually been used in herbal medicinal practices for centuries, but are suddenly gaining traction among nutritionists and skin and hair specialists, with luxury beauty brands there are several benefits that moringa leaves have, such as treating acne. , minimizes wrinkles and protects from pollution.

This is good news for those with skin problems, and because moringa is full of vitamin A (the origin of retinol) and it’s one of the most potent vitamins for skin. When applied topically, it encourages skin cells to renew themselves at lightning speed, helps limit annoying acne, blemishes and pigmentation, and removes fine lines.

“Moringa has natural antimicrobial properties that help reduce inflammation caused by bacteria that eventually cause acne,” explained Dr. Kemi Fab, Director of the Joyful Skin Clinic, as quoted from the Elle UK page. These anti-inflammatory properties reduce damage to the skin, soothing the skin leading to a smoother surface.

Moringa leaves also have the antioxidant vitamin E, which makes them perfect for treating dry, scaly skin and other environmental attackers, as they are rich in oleic acid which is an omega fatty acid. “Moringa leaves are a powerful anti-oxidant; and are now known to be superior to turmeric and matcha due to their ability to neutralize oxygen radicals that are harmful to cell structure and skin DNA,” said Dr. Fab.

Ineffable Organic Moringa Oil From Indonesia

In addition to skin, Moringa leaves are also useful for softening and strengthening hair. “Many of my clients want natural hair products that don’t detract from the effectiveness of the results and moringa is a great place to start,” says Theo Bambacas, a dye expert at Supernatural salon. and antioxidants to help increase keratin production.These help restore strength, promote hair growth and repair damage.

Not only skin and hair, moringa leaves are thought to contain several times more iron than spinach, which means including it in your diet can help relieve pain caused by vigorous exercise. It’s even good for the immune system.

“It’s high in iron, and beta-carotene, which our bodies use to make vitamin A – it’s an important immune nutrient. Moringa leaves are also said to have ‘adaptogenic’ properties, ‘says nutritionist Cassandra Barns which means it can help protect against the effects. stress. ‘

Moringa Essential Oil contains a million good health benefits. Moringa leaves also contain various substances or nutrients that are very diverse and complete. Moringa leaves are rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, and various other important minerals. Even the content of vitamin A in Moringa leaves is 4 times greater than carrots.

Even the content of vitamin C in Moringa Essential Oil is seven times greater than oranges. Moringa Essential Oil is also two to four times more than milk in terms of calcium and protein content. In fact, compared to bananas, the potassium content of Moringa leaves is also 3 times greater.

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