Moringa Powder Bulk as a Solution for Nutrient Deficiency in Children

Loss of appetite in children is actually a common problem especially in the age of 2 to 6 years old. As long as your children still have appropriate weight and height, it is not something you should worry about. However, if it lasts longer, it may cause malnutrition or nutrient deficiency. There are many ways to prevent and cure nutrient deficiency. One of them is to give the children food supplement. Moringa powder bulk can be a solution addressing the issue related to nutrient deficiency in children.

Moringa powder bulk is like multivitamin

Are you looking for super food that provides vitamins and minerals all in one package? There is nothing can beat Moringa. There are many important nutrients contained in Moringa. For example, Moringa is the best source of vitamin B6 that supports the proper brain development. Besides, it is rich in vitamin C that is essential in forming blood vessels, muscle, cartilage, and collagen.

In addition, Moringa contains a great amount of magnesium. This substance is important for children’s healthy mood, strong bones, and healthy hormone. Even with a healthy diet, it is difficult for children to get enough magnesium every day. It is because children in the age of 4 – 8 need around 130 mg of magnesium a day.

As they are growing, the need more magnesium. Fortunately, there is 45.5 mg of magnesium in 10 grams of Moringa. It means that consuming only 30 grams of it every day is enough. The other important property that supports children’s health is iron. This compound plays a vital role in children’s diet. When children do not eat iron-rich foods, they become prone to anemia.

Moringa Powder Organic Delicious Recipe for Your Beverage

Why Moringa is the best super food for children

If a child does not want to eat for a long period of time, how could he get all of the energy and nutrients needed by their body? Thus, they need super food or supplements rich in protein and vitamins to stay healthy and strong. There are so many food supplements available in the market, but Moringa is the best one for several reasons.

First, as mentioned previously, Moringa is loaded with numerous proteins and vitamins. Protein is essential for children’s growth because it helps repair hormones, enzymes, and cells. It also maintains the health of muscles and bones.

Second, it is made of pure Moringa leaves extract. It means that it is natural and safe. Studies report no adverse effect found in people who take 50 grams of Moringa every day for a month. To fulfill the need of nutrients for your children, 1 – 2 tablespoons of Moringa powder in a day are enough.

Moringa Powder Organic So Coveted World Healthy Food Lovers

Third, Moringa powder bulk can be added into various children’s food recipes. It is because Moringa is almost tasteless so it can be added to any kinds of meals without changing their taste. You can add Moringa powder into soups, smoothies, omelet, cereals, and other foods that your child likes. In this way, they still can eat their favorite foods in a more nutritious and healthier way.

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