Moringa Tea Bags To Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles around the eyes are commonly happened for people who lack of sleep or have poor sleeping habits. Other causes of dark circles or panda eyes are allergies, hyperpigmentation, aging, and overexposure to sunlight. Whatever the cause is, this condition can really ruin your appearance. Although it is generally not dangerous, no one wants to have this problem. Dark circles can be treated easily using eye cream or medical treatment, but it is worth it to try a simple way to get rid of them. Moringa in the form of tea bags can be a simple solution to deal with dark eye circles.

Benefits of Moringa tea bags for the eyes

There are two major properties contained in Moringa that help removing dark eye circles. First, it has antioxidant that reduce pigmentation, diminishing dark circles. You don’t need to worry that it will irritate your eyes because Moringa has anti-inflammatory property. In addition to that, Moringa as well as other herbal teas also has caffeine. This clumping lessens swelling around the eyes and shrink blood vessels in the eyes. Research shows that applying caffeinated gel on eyes can lower puffiness and under-eye dark circles.

Moringa Tea Bags Benefits for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Moringa Tea Bags Benefits for Healthy and Shiny Hair

How to use the tea bags for the eyes

Steep two bags of Moringa tea in hot water as you do when you want to make a cup of tea. After that, squeeze out the excess water from the bags. Let them cool down until they are warm to be applied on the eyes. If the bags still feel so hot, your skin and eyes may get irritated. Use the warm tea bags to compress close eyes. Apply the tea bags for 15 to 30 minutes.

Some people prefer to chill the tea bags in the refrigerator before they use them as they find it more comfortable for the eyes when they are compressed with cool tea bags. For better result, apply gentle massage to your eyes area using your fingertips. This gentle pressure helps the skin around the eyes absorb the tea better. The motion of your fingertips also helps circulate the blood.

Consuming Moringa Tea for Your Body Health

Consuming Moringa Tea for Your Body Health

You can apply it after finishing all of the activities so it can help you relaxed too. Since the tea contains natural ingredient, which is the pure Moringa extract, the tea-bag-treatment is safe to be done every day. Even, the more frequent you do that, the quicker you can see the result. It does not mean the dark circles will appear in a blink of eye. It may take days to get the result, but at least this treatment helps your eyes to relax and release eye tension.

Keep in mind that the eye treatment using Moringa tea bag should not be the sole treatment to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. In order to remove dark circles completely, it is also important to improve your diet and sleeping habit. Dark circles look more pronounced when you lack sleep and are deficient of iron. That is why, sleeping and eating well are the keys to say goodbye to dark circles.

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