Organic Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® to treat Skin Infection

Organic Moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® has been used for many centuries to treat problems concerning with health including skin infection. Moringa has inflammatory and antibacterial property that heal skin infection faster and prevent it from developing further. The oil can be taken topically on the infected areas or orally so it can heal the infection from the inside. Whether the infections are caused by fungi, parasites, or bacteria, Moringa oil might combat them.

Organic Moringa Oil – TIMOR MORINGA® as antibiotic compounds

According to a number of research done by some scholars, it is revealed that Moringa has antibacterial properties and the effectiveness has been tested. The studies showed that even Moringa extract was more effective than traditional antibiotics to kill pathogenic bacteria causing serious illnesses. Because of that, Moringa is seen as a new source of antibiotic compounds. Now it has been widely used in medical world, too. Scientists have been carrying out further research for clinical purpose about the use of Moringa. Soon, there will be more scientific evidences about the benefits of Moringa for human’s health.

Due to the antimicrobial and wound healing properties, it is a good idea to always have Moringa oil in your first aid kit box. Not only does the oil heal the wound sooner, it also prevents further infection. What’s more, it helps repair the skin tissue. As a result, the wound on your skin won’t leave any unwanted mark. It means that you get double benefits from Moringa oil. However, bear in mind that the oil can’t replace the medication recommended by your doctor. It is just to help relieving the pain and fasten the healing process.

How to use Moringa oil for skin infection treatment

According to some researchers, both topical and oral formulations are effective for skin infection. It actually depends on the infection itself. The topical use of Moringa oil is good for killing the bacteria and pathogen causing the infection and relieve the pain. Meanwhile, taken orally, Moringa can help boost the immune system. Good immune system helps fasten the healing process. Here is how to use Moringa oil to treat skin infection.

Oral Use

Some Moringa oil is edible, meaning that it is safe to eat the oil. However, some of them may be not edible. Therefore, before taken internally, you should find out whether it is edible or not. If you want to consume Moringa orally, you can try Moringa tea bags, powder, or extract.

Topical Use

For topical use, you can simply put some drops of Organic Moringa oil – TIMOR MORINGA® to the infected skin areas. For the best result, repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times a day. If you already use ointment prescribed by your doctor, it is recommended to consult with him first. The topical use of the oil generally does not interact with any prescribed drugs, but still consulting with your doctor is important as he is the one who knows your condition.

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