Stages On Identifying High-Quality Moringa Leaf Extract

Stages On Identifying High-Quality Moringa Leaf ExtractPeople are tricked by the fake moringa leaf extract. That is the most terrible thing because we buy and consume this leaf to get benefits for health. By getting the fake or the unqualified one, we will obtain nothing. No one knows about the additional ingredient that may be in this product. Identifying is a crucial step to get a good extract product. People think this step is difficult. However, this is not as hard as they think. This little observation step will be explained below.

Fundamental Principle

The original color of the fresh leaf is green. The leaf reaches the peak of the growth in this color and has the highest level of the nutrients. If the color is brown, the leaf is already old and dead. Although the extract has undergone a drying process, the right color will be green. If the leaf is originally green but turns yellow or brown because of the drying process, it means the heat in the process is too high. The yellow and brown leaf extracts are not human but for livestock or as plant fertilizer.

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Stage 2

Moringa leaf extract with good quality has a neutral smell. The smell of the powder will be the leaf itself. If there is a different smell, the factory might add other ingredients. It could be food preservation or food coloring. It could be random leaf powder. Usually, a factory with a low supply of moringa leaves does this to fill the market demands and to get higher profit.

Stage 3

Notice the packaging. The best packaging will be non-transparent and airproof. The non-transparent will protect the extract from sun exposure that can damage the quality of the product. Airproof packaging will protect the product from air exposure that also degrades the quality. The carbon dioxide can oxidate the product. If the packaging is transparent, make sure it is not exposed by the sun directly. Otherwise, the over thick wrap is not good for the organic moringa powder. The nutrients will be reduced if it stays with that thick wrap for more than two days.

Stage 4

Consider the price. The cheap price is always interesting because we can save a lot of money. However, it makes the product suspicious. It might be not 100% pure organic moringa powder or the drying process done carelessly. The process of sorting the leaves, drying, milling until the packaging of good quality is not easy. The tools and the employees must cost a budget. Before deciding to buy or start a business with it, the price is important to think about. It is true that with cheaper products, the businessman will get a higher profit. But soon the customer will reveal the fact. Don’t play with the quality, or the business will be staked.

Stage 5

Do internet research on the brand. The good factory will give complete information about the contact, location, and about the FDA.

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