The Multipurpose Moringa Essential Oil Will Amaze You

Moringa Essential Oil products are known for their superiority over olive oil in the beauty field. Why is that? Because this oil does not clog pores, so it is safest to use for acne sufferers and even those who are prone to acne.

Use of Moringa Essential Oil VS Moringa Powder

This oil is obtained from the seeds of the moringa plant. In contrast to Moringa powder which is produced from its leaves. Moringa fruit seeds are in the moringa fruit which is usually used for soups and other food preparations. Meanwhile, fresh seeds are usually used for fever-reducing ingredients because of their antimicrobial properties. These seeds can be used as herbs to treat high blood pressure and other diseases related to heart problems.

The ripe seeds are then extracted and entered into the refining process to produce a quality product. Based on research, cold-pressed moringa oil can maintain its nutrition. For this reason, this method was chosen to prepare products with the expected benefits.

Moringa oil contains oleic acid as the main fatty acid which is good for cardiovascular disease and also monounsaturated fatty acids. This oil is touted as one of the most nutritious and healthy vegetable oils, comparable to olive oil. This is due to its high protein content, sterols, tocopherols, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid sulfate inside it.

Then how is it used? Broadly speaking, the benefits are almost the same because of the same tree. Moringa leaf powder is useful for fighting malnutrition because of its dietary supplement properties. It can be further processed as a nutritious food mix ingredient and adds nutrition to smoothies, milkshakes, teas, soups, and much more. Meanwhile, people who want to be more practical can choose the capsule variant.

Meanwhile, Moringa oil has many other benefits apart from being a food ingredient. This plant oil can be used as oil for cooking food and salad dressings. Besides being found in capsule products for supplements, moringa oil is also used as an ingredient in beauty products and even as an industrial lubricant.

The Superior Side of Moringa Oil

The most striking difference between the two types of moringa products is the fat content. Moringa powder has a low-fat content, less than 3%. Meanwhile, Moringa oil is high in fat content. Moringa oil contains omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids; and high in unsaturated fatty acids. No need to worry about cholesterol, because the sterols in it help prevent cholesterol absorption in the digestive system.

Besides, Moringa oil is superior in its vitamin E content. It can fight premature aging, soothe tired skin, and fight free radicals. When viewed in general terms, Moringa oil has more functions than its powder form. Even this oil has a distinctively soft and refreshing aroma. What cannot be taken advantage of in powdered products is the benefits of moringa oil for topical applications. It has antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, after reading about the comparison of the functions and uses of Moringa Essential Oil with Moringa Essential Oil, are you interested in trying it?

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