The Role Of Vitamins In Moringa Leaves Powder

Vitamins are a group of small molecular weight amine organic compounds that have a vital function in the metabolism of every organism, which the body cannot produce. So, vitamins absolutely must be supplied from our daily consumption. These vitamins come from many kinds of food including Moringa Leaves Powder.

This name comes from a combination of the Latin words vita which means “life” and amine which refers to an organic group that has a nitrogen atom (N), because vitamins were initially thought to be so. It was later discovered that many vitamins do not have N atoms at all. From an enzymological perspective (the science of enzymes), vitamins are cofactors in chemical reactions catalyzed by enzymes. Basically, these vitamin compounds are used by the body to grow and develop normally.

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There are 13 types of vitamins that the body needs to grow and develop properly. These vitamins include vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folate). Even though they have a very important role, the body can only produce vitamin D and vitamin K in the form of inactive provitamins. Therefore, the body needs vitamin intake from the food we consume. Fruits and vegetables are known to have high vitamin content and this is very good for the body. Other vitamins can be obtained through dietary supplements.

Vitamins have specific roles in the body and can also provide health benefits. If the levels of this compound are insufficient, the body can experience a disease. The body only needs a small amount of vitamins, but if this need is ignored, the metabolism in our body will be disrupted because its function cannot be replaced by other compounds. This health disorder is known as avitaminosis. An example is if we are deficient in vitamin A, then we will experience addiction. In addition, vitamin intake should not be excessive because it can cause metabolic disorders in the body.

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Aging of the body is the result of the accumulation of various irreparable cell and tissue damage. Under normal circumstances, damage to cells and body tissues can be repaired through the process of body cell replication which is also known as mitosis. However, in various cases, the damaged cells can no longer be renewed, but continue to accumulate. This is what has the potential to cause aging in the body. Free radical compounds are one of the agents that contribute greatly to this event.

Mitochondria are one of the cell organelles most vulnerable to damage by reactive oxygen compounds (free radicals). This is related to the number of reactions to the release of free oxygen in these organelles which are the center of the body’s energy metabolism. Many studies have shown that the level of mitochondrial damage is directly related to the body’s aging process or the long life span of a living being. In addition, DNA damage due to oxidation reactions by free radicals also plays a major role in this event. Therefore, the body needs Moringa Leaves Powder to suppress the damaging effects of free radicals.

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