More Vitamins Found In Moringa Powder Bulk

Vitamins are one of the various types of compounds that can inhibit the body’s destructive reactions by free radical compounds related to their antioxidant activity. Adequate intake of antioxidant vitamins from Moringa Powder Bulk will help the body reduce the effects of aging by free radicals, especially by reactive free oxygen. In addition, vitamins also contribute to supporting a good immune system so that the risk of developing various degenerative diseases and other diseases can be reduced, especially in the elderly. So, indirectly, an adequate and balanced intake of Moringa Powder Bulk can create a healthy and long-lived body condition.

More Vitamins Found In Moringa Powder Bulk

Several types of vitamins have been shown to have high antioxidant activity. Examples of vitamins that have many roles as antioxidant compounds in the body are vitamin C and vitamin E. Vitamin E can help protect the body from oxidation of free radical compounds. This vitamin is also able to work in conditions of high levels of free radical compounds, so that it can efficiently and effectively suppress tissue damaging reactions in the body through the oxidation process.

In addition to vitamin E, there is one more type of vitamin that also has high antioxidant activity, namely vitamin C. This vitamin interacts with free radical compounds in the cell fluid. In addition, vitamin C can also restore the body’s condition due to oxidation reactions of various harmful compounds.

When the levels of free radicals in the body become very excessive and can no longer be anticipated by antioxidant compounds, various chronic diseases will arise, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cataracts, alzheimer, and rheumatism. For people who have a history of chronic disease in their lineage, it is recommended to eat lots of foods that contain vitamins C and E as a source of antioxidant compounds. In addition, dietary supplements can also help overcome this problem.

Various Facts About Moringa Oleifera Oil

Moringa Powder Bulk  contains abundant amounts of Vitamin A (Alpha & Beta-carotene), B, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, folic acid, Biotin. In fact, many times the number of food sources known as high nutrient sources.

Basically, there are two groups of vitamins, namely: those that are fat-soluble and those that are water-soluble. Vitamins A, D, E, and K, dissolve in fat so they need fat to be absorbed by the body. The excess vitamins are stored in your liver and body fat, where they are used when needed. Excessive consumption of fat-soluble vitamins can make you poisoned, causing side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and liver and heart problems.

Vitamin B complex and C, are water-soluble vitamins. Your body uses the vitamins as needed, then excretes the excess through urine. Because these vitamins are not stored in the body, the risk of poisoning is very small compared to fat-soluble vitamins, but the risk of deficiency is higher.

However, scientists came across several sources that published the nutritional content of the Moringa Powder Bulk at different values. This difference is caused by many factors, including the origin of the plant, cultivation, how to process the harvest and the testing factors.

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