Get to Know Moringa Powder Properties for Your Health

Moringa powder has been widely consumed by the public as a supplement. In order to get a healthy body, various diets are carried out and additional intake of natural food ingredients which are believed to bring positive benefits to your health. This powder can not only be added in smoothies or juices, but also to a bowl of oatmeal cereal, soup, or baked goods.

Some experts say its leaves are more nutritious than kale. This plant is often called the magic tree which originated in India, even though you can also find it in several places in Africa and also Asia. Moringa leaves can be consumed raw or cooked, but now it’s available in powder form.

This comes from moringa leaves which are dried and finely ground into a powder. In one tablespoon of its leaf powder, you will find 35 calories, 5g carbohydrates, 0.05g fat, 3g protein, 2mg iron, 150mg calcium, and 160 mg potassium.

Moringa Leaf Extract Vs Spirulina, Which Is Better

Moringa Leaf Extract

Moringa Powder contains Several Types of Antioxidants

Your body needs antioxidant to fight free radicals. Dangerous diseases such as heart disease are the result of the buildup of free radicals in the body that can increase oxidative stress. There are several types of antioxidant that can be found in the moringa leaves.

These substances can help you to maintain glucose levels even after you eat. Consuming moringa powder is believed to maintain the glucose levels in its normal state. It’s believed that isothiocyanate contained in the powder that helps reducing the glucose levels. However, studies on humans must be conducted more to give more proofs.

There was one study involved several women who consumed one and a half of teaspoons of this powder per day for three months. As a result, their glucose levels fell by the average of 13.5%. Another study involved people with diabetes who were given 50g of this powder in their diet. As a result, their glucose levels can be reduced by 21%.

How To Start A Business With Moringa Powder Wholesale

moringa leaf and powder capsule

Used to Reduce Inflammation in Your Body

When an infection happens in your body, inflammation will happen as a natural response. People with chronic diseases also experience inflammatory problems. Hence why consuming this powder will help them soothe the inflammation because it contains anti-inflammation.

Some experts believe the isothiocyanate compounds in moringa leaves can also help reduce inflammation. However, there is still a need for further research regarding the anti-inflammatory effects on humans when consuming Moringa leaves to provide more evident proofs.

The world community has used Moringa leaves to support their health for many generations. If you want to consume Moringa more practically, you can contact Moringa Indonesia Fangardana. We provide quality moringa powder that you can safely consume to help you maintain your health.

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